Hello and Welcome to Color Me Healthy!

This blog was created to discuess, highlight, educate and encourage issues around health and health issues pertainly especially to woman of color.  Women of color being defined as women of non-caucasion descent. I noticed the lack of blogs and magazines dedicated solely to women of color and health and thought it was time to create one.  As a young African American woman in college and learning more and more the importance of taking care of my health in becoming a woman resources into  health education are crucial. This blog is not meant to discriminate but rather to celebrate the healthy and beauty of women of color. Color Me Healthy may not be the first or only blog dedicated to this topic, but it will be the most electrifying!

Here we will discuss:

*Relationships   *Healthy Diets   *Health News   *Health Trends   *HIV/AIDS    *Exercise    *Cancer   *Health Trends   *Disease Prevention   *Disease Education *Heart Disease     *Health in the media    *Recipes    *Destressing     *Yoga   *Hair/Nails and Beauty *Heart Disease *Diabetes and more!!

I am so excited to begin this blog and to engage in live discussion about these issues. I believe through education, discussion and action we can bring forth solutions for our community and the larger health world. I hope your just as ready and excited as I am! Enjoy!

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