You know I love your brown skin…

Many of us living here in the Northeast  have barely gotten a break from Mother Nature this winter. Storm after storm, ice, a glimpse of sunshine and then? -yet another storm. And that can definitely translate into dryness, flaking and overall harm to your skin, more specifically that of your face.

Black skin particularly comes in many unique and diverse shades, from olive to dark chocolate-brown, and because of the melanin within our skin, we have an extra natural protection against premature wrinkling and reduces the risk of skin cancer. However, that does not make black skin super hero skin. It needs just as much attention and care during the winter as anyone else…maybe just in a different way. Personally I’ve had to reach for alternatives rather than what my local drugstore usually offers, not every product caters specifically to Black skin but there are those that do especially!

During this time of year when the air humidity factor has reached its lowest, it is even more imperative to moisterize, exfoliate and moisterize again! Through trial and error (and some good ole’ advice from my mom and aunts) here are some easy, low-cost ways to keep your skin moisterized and healthy throughout the remainder of the frost:

1. Water: I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a sufficient amount of water EVERYDAY. It works wonders! It is indeed true that what we put in our bodies reflect on the outside, and during the cold season water can boost you’re skin’s natural moister. Water carries nutrients into the cells of the body and also flushes out toxins. Water alone will not prevent your skin from becoming dry, but it will help significantly.

2. Moisturizer: When searching for a moisturizer try to keep the ingredients simple. The less chemicals (such as Parabens), the less harsh it will be on your skin. moisturizer that include natural oils such as Coconut oil, Carrot oil and Olive oil work well. Carol’s Daughter’s “Face Butter” is a great place to start. It was made specifically to fight weather damage, is all natural and also includes anti-aging  ingredients.

3.Cocoa Butter/Shea Butter: Now this one is an oldy. Most of us have experienced Mama, or Daddy lathering on this household staple on our faces before sending us out to the freezing cold bus stops. I know I’m not alone.  It seems no matter how cold it may get shea butter does the trick. And when choosing a good cocoa butter, 100% natural is the best way to go.

4. Lastly, just a few facial cleansing tips: Exfoliate but keep it to a minimum. Some professionals  may recommend exfoliating everyday but if you’ve got sensitive skin  like me you know this is a no-no. The winter whether can be especially hard on skin when exfoliating so keep it to an amount that gets your skin clean but doesn’t aggravate the skin’s surface, 3-4 times a week should be good. Also, moisterizing MORNING and NIGHT. You want your skin to be hydrated even as you sleep and your bodies reaches its resting period (when everything rejuvenates itself) moisterize before bed too!

Winter may have taken some of the joy of going outside, but you definitely don’t have to brave the winds and worry about your skin too. 🙂

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