You don’t have to do crazy diets in 2011

It’s no secret that every year, millions of American women make losing “X” amount of weight their top goal for the year. African American women and Latino women (and  even many other women) are especially prone to this train of thought-thinking that we’re overweight or needing to lose weight when in actually it may not be that serious. Most of us come from a lineage of women who are naturally curvacious and larger in body type. Not all of us look like Tyra Banks and not all of us are built like Monique.  We’ve got to love our bodies the way they are and simply improve them for what they are. But the point is that our body types range. Going on crazy diets can actually cause your body more stress than benefit it.

The best route to go if you are looking to lose some healthy weight is to follow what fits your body type. A healthy weight is usually measured by your height and the natural width of your body.

In addition to changing some lifestyle and eating choices, you may just need a revamp of your wardrobe. Many curvy women feel the need to hide their curves-embrace them! This doesn’t mean wearing clothes five sizes larger, it means finding a cut and style that flatters your figure.  Writer and blogger Kathryn Finney of The has a great advice column for finding the right clothing and accessories for this. Finney’s book The Budget Fashionista in addition to saving you money, shows you how to make your wardrobe tailor to YOU  in a stylish and savvy way, and not just the trends of the day.

In terms of eating choices and diet: There’s one piece of advice my mentor gave me two years ago when she began her quest to lose weight in preperation for her wedding (and  to run a marathon yowzah!) and it was this- it is a lifestyle change. Dieting alone won’t work. If you’re planning to lose weight and keep it there, you need to change your lifestyle as well. That includes constant (but not crazy) exercising, changing your diet permanantly and limiting your intake of junk food. Yes ladies that means, swearing off those treat foods in exchange for baked, organic and low in salt, grease or sugar. And trust me (because I LOVE some good junk food) it’s hard but it is NOT impossible, it simply takes time to become a HABIT.

Keep a journal: Another great way to treat your body right in losing weight would be keeping a journal. Keeping a written record of your progress will not only motivate you but it will also be a place to vent on your frustrations, basque in your joys and right down all the ideas you come across in finding ways to keep a healthy weight.

Remember the goal is to embrace yourself as you are, it is to  transform into a healthier you physically and mentally and  that begins with loving the body your in and making those beautiful curves work for you .

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