Vitamin of the Week: Vitamin D

 You may recall in childhood hearing your mother, doctor, camp counselor or  some kind of guardian urging you to make sure you drink a glass of milk a day to get that daily dose of Calcium to ” give you strong bones.” Well mom, dad, doc or whoever told you this was right: Vitamin D found in milk and which promotes Calcium absorbtion, most certainly does promote bone strength, structure and growth, but it also does many other things for the human body.

Out of the five form of this vitamin, there are two major forms of Vitamin D that humans consume: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and we get it through sun exposure, foods and supplements. In addition to this Vitamin D helps fight against Osteoperosis, heart disease, hypertension  and diabetes. For African Americans and people with darker skin tones,  it’s much harder to retain Vitamin D through sunlight alone and in this case supplements and food are needed.

 For those of us who live in parts of the country where we experience an intense winter period, many people do not obtain a healthy amount of sunlight and suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.  Because of this, it is even more important to moniter our intake of Vitamin D and make sure we find ways to keep our bones, immune systems and moods healthy.

Vitamin D is vital to our body in many ways and easy to consume here’s a list of foods that carry it naturally and can aid in keeping your body healthy and happy just as we  wrap up winter and look forward to that Vitamin D rich sunlight exposure:

  • *Salmon
  • *Tuna
  • *Milk (nonfat, reduced and whole)
  • *Sardines
  • *Margerine
  • *Eggs
  • *Mackerel
  • *Some forms of cereal and
  •  *Cheese!

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