The Written Challenge

Who knew a homework assignment could inspire? Recently for my Human Health and Disease Class we were required to answer a series of simple questions every night on what we’ve eaten for the day, how much we’ve exercised and how much sleep we’ve gotten for the past night. Now, as college students you can probably predict the results weren’t very stable. And they weren’t; as a collective our sleeping habits we’re spotty. Our eating habits weren’t as healthy as they could  should be and more prevalent: we barely exercise.

Now granted this is only one class, in the middle of one city, in one state. BUT it’s not uncommon to see this pattern amongst college students. It’s no secret that college students face an abundance of health challenges. From our hectic schedules, to the party culture that’s enhanced, to just the normalcy of a college student sitting up at 1am studying and eating God-knows-what. Right? So anyway, this assignment made me realize a lot about my classmates and myself. By recording our habits isn’t that the best way to identify and change them? And let me note here: out of the seven days we were to record, I only worked out once. Yup. Just once. And as a young woman who’s in the fight to overcome bad eating and exercising habits-this is a complete fail. So I propose a challenge to you, the readers and to myself. Why not continue to keep a daily journal entry on our daily health routine? What better way to track and stay on top of them? I’m doing it. Yay for kicking bad habits! Are you with me or what?

Here are some sample questions:

1. How many servings of vegetables did you have today?

2. How many servings of fruits did you have today?

3.How many servings of protein rich foods did you eat today?

4. How many salty snacks did you eat today? (ex. chips, crackers etc.)

5. How many sugary snacks/desserts did you eat today?

6.How many multivitamins did you take today?

7. How many hours did you exercise today?

8. In the last 24 hours how many hours of sleep have you gotten?

Have you ever kept a health journal before? Was it successful? Are there any questions you would add-on to this list? Make it known!



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