Who cares what he says! JHud Keeps Going Strong

(Photo via Essence Magazine)

If you’ve seen the cover of Essence Magazine as of March or have been anywhere near the gossip sites and blogs you know DreamGirl, Oscar winner and superstar Ms.Jennifer Hudson has been looking pretty Va-Va-Voom! with her new svelte figure and has got the “divatude” to go right along with it. “JHud” made an appearance in late march (March 25th) on The Tonight Show and explained her recent loss of a whopping a 80 pounds through Weight Watchers whom she’s been the spokesperson for since April 2010. And the woman literally looks like a whole new person.

 Before performing her new song “Where You At” from her sophomore  studio album, Jennifer joked with Jay Leno that her fiance David Otunga (think ‘I love New York‘) was still “adjusting” the weight loss saying:

 “He’s just not into change that much…He fusses with me like, ‘Why do you have to get all dressed up to go out and why can’t you just go out like you used to.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m a walking billboard now honey!”
JHud went on to tell Leno that after the birth of her son David Jr., she decided to make healthier lifestyle choices and also told The Today Show that the decision had nothing to do with feeling uncomfortable about her size but rather she wanted to be a better role model. Now who could be mad at that?


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