Vitamin of the week: Vitamin E

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Vitamin E, like all other Vitamins in the little Vitamin alphabet, is an important form of vitamin and antioxidant.

What does Vitamin E do?

While mainly promoting healthy blood circulation and cell communication, Vitamin E also aids in proper blood clotting and assists your body in healing wounds quicker.  It also helps your body in maintaining healthy nerves, decreasing premenstrual symptoms and it promotes healthy hair and skin.

Where its found:

You can find a healthy daily dose of Vitamin E in: vegetable oil and margarine, Nuts, Avocado, Egg yolk, Liver, Wheat germ, Whole grain, Olives, Spinach (alongside other greens) and even Blueberries.

Not getting enough Vitamin E is another culprit for developing anemia and neuromuscular problems. Luckily, because of the body’s ability to easily absorb Vitamin E from dietary fat, it’s a rare occurrence to have a Vitamin E deficiency.

Quick Tip: An easy way to make sure you’re getting your Vitamin E? Try grabbing a bag of almonds, sunflower seeds or mixed nuts from your local grocery or even drugstore for often less than 3 bucks!


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