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What could the summer bring?

As the craziness of this college semester comes to a close and the sparkle of  “down time” comes into view, I have nothing but ideas on ways to stay fit this summer. You see, it’s MUCH harder to get/stay in shape when you’re running around doing a million different things. And this doesn’t just apply to the college lifestyle, it can definitely apply to the working woman, stay-at-home moms and women doing various other things that keep them busy.

But there’s just something about the summer that inspires that extra push to get up a bit earlier and maybe even just stretch or take a jog.Just the thought of the wonderful weather and bright mornings summer will bring inspired me to create a “Summer Bucket List.” Now I don’t mean bucket list in the sense that I’ll die at the end of the summer (God forbid) but it means that if you live where I live, summer does come to an end at some point so the next three-four months of warmth are important to capitalize on!

I came up with about a list of twelve summer specific activities, here’s just a few of them:

  • Swimming: It is truly sad when you live in a coastal city, surrounded by beaches and with plenty of pools and lakes, to say that you haven’t gone swimming in years. And I honestly can’t even remember the last time I actually swam. I was probably in middle school. I’m in college now, eh, there’s the math. Although swimming is an intimidating spot for some, taking lessons and getting the hang of it can happen within a few short practice sessions. It’s also an incredibly toning activity. Your arms, legs, back and stomach all benefit. Cool water on a hot day? Yes please.
  • Early morning jogs: These can be the hard ones. Feeling the morning dew on your skin as you make your way through a few fresh aired jogging cycles can definitely be rewarding.  But waking up the crack of dawn when you don’t necessarily have to can be, can in itself be a challenge. Need to get over that lack of motivation? Plan your jogs ahead and try spreading out the days if it helps. Call it an even earlier night the night before and take a few minutes to stretch beforehand to ease your body into being active so early.
  • Attend some outdoor events: Music festivals, kite festivals, food festivals, you name it, I’m there. No better way to gain some healthy sun exposure while enjoying the company of nature, friends and whatever you’re favorite creative activities are.
  • Foreign-themed dance classes: A little random but why not. Belly dancing isn’t exactly family tradition but it’s a great way to move the body, experience new cultures and have fun. In most metropolitan areas various dance classes are open to the public for a small fee, but if you’re in a more remote area and can’t find anything close to you try popping in a good dance dvd and giving it a try for an hour or two!
  • Skateboarding: Yeah, that would be my reach goal. 🙂

Do you have any activities you’re itching to get into or back into this summer? Does summer inspire you to be more or less active? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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Vitamin of the week: Vitamin E

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Vitamin E, like all other Vitamins in the little Vitamin alphabet, is an important form of vitamin and antioxidant.

What does Vitamin E do?

While mainly promoting healthy blood circulation and cell communication, Vitamin E also aids in proper blood clotting and assists your body in healing wounds quicker.  It also helps your body in maintaining healthy nerves, decreasing premenstrual symptoms and it promotes healthy hair and skin.

Where its found:

You can find a healthy daily dose of Vitamin E in: vegetable oil and margarine, Nuts, Avocado, Egg yolk, Liver, Wheat germ, Whole grain, Olives, Spinach (alongside other greens) and even Blueberries.

Not getting enough Vitamin E is another culprit for developing anemia and neuromuscular problems. Luckily, because of the body’s ability to easily absorb Vitamin E from dietary fat, it’s a rare occurrence to have a Vitamin E deficiency.

Quick Tip: An easy way to make sure you’re getting your Vitamin E? Try grabbing a bag of almonds, sunflower seeds or mixed nuts from your local grocery or even drugstore for often less than 3 bucks!

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The Written Challenge

Who knew a homework assignment could inspire? Recently for my Human Health and Disease Class we were required to answer a series of simple questions every night on what we’ve eaten for the day, how much we’ve exercised and how much sleep we’ve gotten for the past night. Now, as college students you can probably predict the results weren’t very stable. And they weren’t; as a collective our sleeping habits we’re spotty. Our eating habits weren’t as healthy as they could  should be and more prevalent: we barely exercise.

Now granted this is only one class, in the middle of one city, in one state. BUT it’s not uncommon to see this pattern amongst college students. It’s no secret that college students face an abundance of health challenges. From our hectic schedules, to the party culture that’s enhanced, to just the normalcy of a college student sitting up at 1am studying and eating God-knows-what. Right? So anyway, this assignment made me realize a lot about my classmates and myself. By recording our habits isn’t that the best way to identify and change them? And let me note here: out of the seven days we were to record, I only worked out once. Yup. Just once. And as a young woman who’s in the fight to overcome bad eating and exercising habits-this is a complete fail. So I propose a challenge to you, the readers and to myself. Why not continue to keep a daily journal entry on our daily health routine? What better way to track and stay on top of them? I’m doing it. Yay for kicking bad habits! Are you with me or what?

Here are some sample questions:

1. How many servings of vegetables did you have today?

2. How many servings of fruits did you have today?

3.How many servings of protein rich foods did you eat today?

4. How many salty snacks did you eat today? (ex. chips, crackers etc.)

5. How many sugary snacks/desserts did you eat today?

6.How many multivitamins did you take today?

7. How many hours did you exercise today?

8. In the last 24 hours how many hours of sleep have you gotten?

Have you ever kept a health journal before? Was it successful? Are there any questions you would add-on to this list? Make it known!


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